About Us

Fresh out of the laboratory, Cellular Concrete Technologies, Inc. (a new Delaware operating company, “CCT”) is beginning to introduce a small Model 100 aerator and Stable Air® foaming chemical to the concrete world. Having inked a license agreement with its R&D parent company, CCT has just begun selling to the industry.

Stable Air® features a “closed cell” air bubble with a heavy skin of water, which has some beneficial features: during mixing, pouring and transport, the bubbles act like tiny ball bearings which improve movement and finishing. Experts say that 4-6%, by volume, of air in concrete will prevent much “freeze-thaw” damage, and also cracking, pitting and bleeding.

The “thick-skinned” bubbles then act much like a strong honeycomb, as the cement and water form chemical bonds forming the cell walls in this matrix structure. As the concrete cures, the water is slowly released from the bubble into the concrete – a benefit that experts refer to as “internal curing.” The larger the mass of concrete poured, the more that internal curing is needed.

Try a free sample of Stable Air® in your concrete mixes by emailing: stableair@att.net with your company name and primary purpose, weight and strength goal of your mix(es).